Drinking Water Measuring Instrument (volumetric water meter)

drinking water meter

Model:LYH-8 (A)


Measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipeline

•Volumetric meter, on principle of actual measurement, rotary piston type, register separated from water, clear reading, safe and sanitary materials, small starting flow rate, accurate, sanitary easy reading, particularly suited in case of high quality water and high water price, etc.
•Available with stainless steel body and plastic body on request.
•Technical data conform to International Standard ISO4064 Class C.

Remote Reading Water Meters
•Applied for remote automatic reading system.
•Meter with pulse output: Available 1L, 10L, 100L or 1000L per pulse for choice.
•Water meter equipped with a Reed Switch Pulser which can be connected to remote reading systems. The Reed Switch Pulse sends out electric signals per a preset water quantity.
•Comes in several model variation, which indicate different pulse rates. To choose the variation best suited to your needs as per optional data in below diagram.

Reed switch electric data
•Switch voltage: 24VAC/ DC
•Switch current: 0.01A max

Maximum Permissible Error
Qmin→Qt(ex Qt)=±5%;
Qt→Qs(both included)=±2% or ±3%(hot water)
Qmin=Min Flow, Qt=Transition Flow, Qs= Max Flow.

Main Technical Data
Tpye Meter Size class Maxflow Nominal
Min Flow Min
mm m3/h L/h m3
LYH-8 8 C 0.6 0.3 22.5 12.5 0.01 99999
LYH-8A 8 C 0.6 0.3 22.5 12.5 0.01 99999
LXHY-8 8 C 0.6 0.3 22.5 12.5 0.00 99999
LXHY-8A 8 C 0.6 0.3 22.5 12.5 0.001 99999
Dimensions and weight
Tpye Meter Size Length Wide Heigh Connecting Thread weight
mm D kg
LYH-8 8 100 82 91.5 G 3/4B 0.38
LYH-8A 8 110 82 91.5 G 3/4B 0.70
LXHY-8 8 100 82 111.5 G 3/4B 0.38
LXHY-8A 8 110 82 111.5 G 3/4B 0.70