Remote reading water meter

Reed switch pulse output,1Liter/pulse,10Liter/pulse,100Liter/pulse,1000Liter/pulse available as follow model
1. Multi-jet Dry Type Vane Wheel Pulse Transmitting Water Meter
2.Single Jet Dry Type Vane Wheel Pulse Transmitting Water Meter
3.Removable Element Woltmen Remote Reading Water Meter
4. Rotary Piston Pulse Transmitting Water Meter
--MODEL : LXHY-15,20 /15E,20E ,LXHY-8(A)
5.IC card water meter
--MODEL: LXIC -15-20

•Applied for remote automatic reading system.Meter with pulse output: Available 1L, 10L, 100L or 1000L per pulse for choice.
•Water meter equipped with a Reed Switch Pulser which can be connected to remote reading systems. The Reed Switch Pulse sends out electric signals per a preset water quantity.
•Comes in several model variation, which indicate different pulse rates. To choose the variation best suited to your needs as per optional data in below diagram.

Reed-Switch Electric Date
Switch voltage: 24VAC/ DC
Switch current: 0.01A max

Output Date
Size pulse output
1L/Pulse 10L/Pulse 100L/Pulse 1000L/Pulse
15mm v v v v
20mm v v v v
25mm v v v v
32mm v v v v
40mm v v v v
50mm v v v v