Intelligent ic card water meter

intelligent ic card water meter

Model:LXIC -15~20

IC card water meter is new generation of Intelligent water meter which applies the most advanced low power consuming IC, special electric control valve and the latest shell molding technology. It can work as a prepaid water meter and calculate the water rate automatically. It can also remind you of the state and avoid water pilfering. IC card water meter can be applied in both domestic and industrial use. It is the best assistant for the water states management.

Completely plastic shell, fiberglass reinforced polymerization amine (UL NO.: E154352: SGS Report NO.: CE/2006/34019)
•Electric stainless steel switch, Low power consuming, low pressure loss, perfect hermetization. •Double dry reed switch pulse transmitting, Reliable data output, magnetic resistance.
•One meter, one code.
•Outer power supply, battery is also ok.
•Warn and shut down the switch when lacking water. Insert card to switch on.
•Warn and shut down the switch when the battery is out of service.
•Clock electro-circuit inside to switch on and shut down the switch regularly, preventing from valve blocked up.
•Support the ladder water price and southern seasonal water price.
•LCD screen, low power consuming.
•Identifiable remaining water quantity.

Working condition:
temperature:≤90℃ for hot water meter

Maximum Permissible Error
Qmin→Qt(ex Qt)=±5%;
Qt→Qs(both included)=±2% or ±3%(hot water)
Qmin=Min Flow, Qt=Transition Flow, Qs= Max Flow.

Main technical date
Specification Unit DN15 DN20
ISO 4064 Class  B  B  B
qn m3/h 1.5 2.5
qn m3/h 0.12 0.20
Minimum flow (qmin) m3/h 0.03 0.05
Starting flow (qs) m3/h 0.008 0.012
working pressure MPa 0.02~1.0 MPa 0.02~1.0 MPa
Pressure loss MPa ≤0.1 ≤0.1
Water temperature ≤30℃ ≤30℃
Environment temperature 0~+50℃ 0~+50℃
Working voltage   6V 6V
Static working current   <15UA <15UA
Valve longevity   >8000 Times >8000 Times
IC card longevity   >10000 Times >10000 Times
Connecting thread   G 3/4B G 1B
Weight Kg 1.5 1.7
Longevity Year ≤6 ≤6
Inspection interval Year 5 5
Minimum reading m3 0.01 0.01
Max reading m3 99999 99999
Dimensions and weight
Type Size Length Heigh Width Connecting Thread Weight
DN L1 L2 H B d D
mm kg
LXIC-15 15 259 165 125 88 R 1/2 G 3/4B 1.5
LXIC-20 20 299 195 125 88 R 3/4 G 1B 1.7
LXIC-25 25 345 225 125 88 R 1 G 1 1/4B 2.2